Ancient Plant Wisdom meets Nutritional Science

Modern science and ancient plant wisdom combine in 
organic chocolate for the ultimate wellness supplementation 
with clinically proven nutrients and botanicals



The world’s first state-of-the-art nootropic chocolate to support and enhance
cognitive performance, mental wellbeing and brain health!
Sheer Genius is a brain supplement like no other. We have loaded a powerful concentrated blend of clinically studied
nootropic compounds, medicinal mushrooms, Ayurvedic botanicals and brain nutrients into vegan sugar-free dark
chocolate to provide you with immediate and long term brain health and mood benefits.

Single Bar

The world’s first state-of-the-art nootropic chocolate to support and enhance cognitive performance, mental wellbeing and brain health.

One Week Journey Box SOLD  OUT
7 x 28g Bars

Ready to shift the brain fog and optimise your week? Start the ritual of mindfully upleveling your brain every day with our 7 day box.

One Month Journey Box
30 x 28g Bars

Shift the mind fog, awaken brain potential and elevate mood with this 30 day box.


The world’s first chocolate formulated to nourish mind,
body and gut in one delicious vegan bar.
A therapeutic fusion of botanical adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, nootropics, prebiotics, essential
micronutrients, 72 ionic minerals and 22 bioavailable vitamins.
It’s Time to Upgrade Your Supplement Shelf

Single Bar

The original single bar, formulated to provide comprehensive wellness support. Convenient and travel friendly. Let chocolate multi-task 
your health.

One Week Journey Box
7 x 28g Bars

Wellness is a daily ritual with our 7 day journey box. Nourish your mind, body and gut with ease and pleasure. Mindfully indulge in one bar per day for optimum results.

One Month Journey Box
30 x 28g Bars

Make ultimate wellness a daily ritual with our 30 day support box. Convenient and travel friendly. Premium supplementation can now be simple, sophisticated and enjoyable.


Your Daily Supplements

A decadently delicious chocolate that is not only guilt-
free but is actively upleveling your body and mind 
throughout the day.
A daily portion of Sheer’s luxuriously smooth and 
supplement-rich dark organic chocolate reminds you that 
you are committed to making positive health choices as 
well as making pleasure a daily ritual – for the cost of less 
than a golden latte.

Each Daily Serving of
SHEER Vitality provides:

High levels of

Bioactive Vitamins and Minerals

C, D, A, K, Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc

High levels of

B6, B12 and B9

to support psychological function and reduce fatigue

Adaptogenic mushrooms

Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail

to harmonise mood and reduce stress

72 essential

Ionic Minerals

to support cellular renewal and energy production


Fulvic Minerals

to promote a healthy microbiome

High potency antioxidants

Grape seed 95% and Activated Turmeric 95%

to reduce inflammation and provide neuroprotection

Why Chocolate?

Theobroma Cacao, Food of the Gods, has been 
traditionally used as a food-state medium for thousands 
of years in South America to activate the potency 
and uptake of therapeutic botanicals and medicinal 
This ethos is at the heart of our offering.
Sheer chocolate upgrades the stress of taking 
supplements into a mindful moment of wellness and pleasure.

Our Chocolate

We ethically source our organic cacao beans from Peruvian 
small-scale farmers who also regard cacao as a gift from the 
gods. They harvest and lightly roast our cacao beans with love 
and care. The more raw, the more beneficial. The end flavour 
of our specialist chocolate is irresistibly fruity with a zesty 
citrus profile.

Nature’s Pharmacy
Made Simple

In Sheer chocolate you can find everything you need to help rebalance and renourish.
We have absorbed our love for Ayurvedic medicine and our passion for premium-grade medicinal mushrooms. Many of our ingredients are also adaptogens, which means they help optimise your body’s response to internal and external stressors. Other adaptogen benefits include: improved mood, increased vitality and strengthened immunity.
Soil Health, Our Health…
Food grown in organic nutrient-rich soil was our supply of bioavailable micronutrients, essential minerals and gut-friendly microorganisms. However, modern intensive farming has rapidly depleted much of the world’s top soil. As a result, experts warn that the majority of the world’s population are chronically deficient in essential minerals like magnesium.


In each serving of Sheer chocolate you receive fulvic and humic minerals derived from high altitude Himalayan rare earth deposits. These organic compounds formed by ancient plant decomposition deliver a full spectrum of 72 essential minerals and trace elements in their most bioavailable form to help support and stabilise cellular health and energy. This fulvic acid mineral blend is also rich in soil based microorganisms helping to support a healthy human microbiome. 


In each serving of Sheer chocolate, you have access to the 
full spectrum of 72 essential minerals and trace elements 
harvested from the Great Salt Lakes of North America. 
Due to their ancient sea formulation, our food-state 
minerals are highly bioavailable.


We use only the most potent and premium ingredients that have been clinically tested,
including patented forms, organic herbal and mushroom extracts, bioactive vitamins
and mountain lake harvested ionic minerals.

Meet the Experts


Consumer to Restorer

We use only ethically sourced ingredients 
and work closely with farmers to ensure 
sustainability and stable livelihoods.
We also give 10% of our annual profits to the next-level work of our charitable partner: TreeSisters. Every time 
you invest in Sheer chocolate, you are contributing to the 
regeneration of global forest cover.
Our goal for 2023 is to have planted 100,000 trees.
Together let’s make this happen.

Coming soon...



A daily formulation designed to help reduce
stress, balance sleep/wake cycles and promote
renewal and repair in body and mind.



A speciality bar of chocolate formulated with
adaptogenic botanicals, aphrodisiac herbs and
nutritionals to activate the chemistry of love
and sensuality.


A pioneering supplement-rich chocolate formulated by women for women to take for 7 days every month during menstruation. Each bar contains a holistic stack of ingredients to balance hormones, replenish the body and boost wellbeing.
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