The Power of Reishi
This mushroom has been a symbol of wellbeing and longevity for thousands of years in Asian societies. Traditionally it is used to boost resilience, improve mood and help relieve effects of depression and anxiety. Modern research continues to demonstrate 
a wide profile of therapeutic efficacy for this fantastic fungus.
  • Form
  • Dose
  • Origin
  • Dual Extract
  • 300mg
  • Siberia



Regular consumption has been shown to lead to reduced inflammation and
 an improved production of immuno-balancing white blood cells, which has
 been shown to strengthen an ability to fight off viruses and infections.

Brain Health

Reishi extract has demonstrated good potential for reducing oxidative stress in the hippo campus, a region associated with mood, memory
 and learning. It can also offer neuro protective benefits by supporting
 the production of nerve growth factor, a protein that is vital for healthy
 neurological function.

Mood and Wellbeing

Regular consumption of Reishi has been traditionally associated with
 enhancing mental and emotional wellbeing. Modern trials also demonstrate its capacity to help stabilise mood and improve pain management.


Known as the ‘mushroom of immortality’, Reishi mushroom has been used
 for centuries to help reverse the physical and cognitive effects of ageing


A group of biological compounds called triterpenes found in Reishi 
mushroom have displayed positive signs of helping eliminate toxins and
 promote liver cell regeneration in trials.